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Clinical Curriculum

Clinical experiences span the entire program. 

On Campus Clinical Experiences

Our on-campus clinical opportunities are exceptionally rich and varied. Our thriving on-campus clinic offers innovative services for clients from birth to senescence with a wide variety of diagnoses in a variety of service models (individual, group, intensive).

Students spend their first clinical year and one quarter of their second year in our campus clinic.  Our clinical faculty provide the support needed for budding clinicians to develop.  The clinical curriculum allows for the continuum of supervision, including support from novice to intermediate student and side-by-side service provision (1:1:1) for many treatment sessions.

Students are placed on clinical teams comprised of first- and second-year students and a clinical supervisor every quarter that they are on campus.  While each student has a weekly individual meeting with her/his supervisor, the entire team meets for two hours every week.  Team meetings provide opportunities for team-based learning (TBL) as well as practice for eventual professional team behaviors.  Additionally, advanced students have opportunities to take leadership roles within the team.


Students complete two full time externship placements.  Each placement is one quarter (11 weeks) in duration. One externship placement is in a school, and the other externship is typically in a medically based facility or private practice (based on the student’s area of clinical interest). Our externships benefit from all of the resources the greater Chicagoland has to offer and span many types of medical sites, clinics, and other placements.

Out-of-state options for the medically based/private practice externships are available for students who prefer to explore other geographic regions.