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Student Culture

NU MS SLL students are exceptional, and they do not arrive on our campus without foresight, planning, grit, and hard work.  With that said, some of the very behaviors that were necessary for admission may not be advantageous in the graduate school milieu. From the moment our students join us, we encourage a culture of collaboration and teamwork.  Rather than fostering a competitive climate, we encourage students to see each other as supportive peers and future co-workers, all with the same goal in mind.

Student Organizations

The program currently has three student-based organizations, each with a different focus.  MS SLL students are invited to become involved in any of the following groups during the course of their programs.

  • NSSLHA:  NU’s chapter of NSSLHA has a decidedly pre-professional mission and focuses its time and resources on seminars, journal clubs, field related philanthropic work, and professional socialization.
  • Student Ambassadors (SA): Our SAs provide peer support, guidance, and encouragement on a one-on-one and small group basis throughout the transition to life as graduate student in the SLL program.
  • Student Advisory Council (SAC): SAC members act as the voice of the MS SLL and AuD student body by facilitating communication amongst the students, faculty, and program and clinic administration.